“Some of the greatest conversations happen around a table, usually with a meal. Conversations create community, foster engagement and result in compassionate action where needed."
– Henri JM Nouwen

One of the most rewarding aspects of our business is that we are able to help build and strengthen relationships–one family gathering, one party, one fundraiser at a time. It’s this privilege that inspires and motivates us each and every day–and it’s the idea of servant leadership that serves as the cornerstone of our mission, vision and values.

Mission: To love on people through what we do.

Vision: To leverage DUO restaurants and strong community-wide partnerships in order to be a positive force for change.

Values: What do we love about what we do? It’s personal.

  • Identity: Our warm, welcoming environments and award-winning food are a great start; however, people and relationships are at the heart of our business. We want to know you–and for you to know us, too.
  • Service: What brings you joy brings us joy. The opportunity to be servant leaders, both in the restaurants and in the communities that we serve, is our passion.
  • Stewardship: It is in our DNA to discover innovative ways to leverage what we have been given to benefit others.
  • Unity: Whether you’re gathered around our tables or are joining us in serving our communities, we want to promote and foster activities that strengthen and encourage those around us.