While Richard Peacock Jr., is the president of DUO Restaurant Group, he began his career in the footsteps of his grandfather and father in the commercial real estate industry as a broker and developer/investor. He works with his father at Richard M. Peacock & Co., the predecessor of which was started by his grandfather Joe A. Peacock. The commercial real estate brokerage firm has historically specialized in the brokerage of income properties

Richard’s foray into the restaurant industry began in 1997 with the opening of Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine. Over the ensuing years, Richard purchased the ownership interest of most of the original investors as times and interests changed. While an initial restaurant investment transformed into a management career, the surprise has been nothing short of a blessing as he is able to work at what he refers to as “the intersection of passion and skillset” and encourages others to do so as well.

A native of San Antonio (and seventh-generation Texan), Richard is committed to positively impacting his hometown communities through his professional and personal affiliations. Richard and the restaurant family primarily focus their support on family and children charities, including South Texas Alliance for Orphans, AVANCE, and The Children’s Shelter, to name a few.

Richard and his wife, Brooke, are the proud parents of twin boys.

A native of Veracruz, Mexico, Nelly Mendoza-Labatt “had the restaurant business in her blood ” as her family life revolved around food, with her maternal and paternal grandparents, aunts, and uncles all great cooks. Two of her uncles are chefs, her mother was a restaurateur, and her brother is the owner/chef of the award-winning Roldan 37 in Mexico City. As a young girl, Nelly spent her formative years in Mexico City pursuing a professional interest in the hospitality and tourism industries. As she narrowed her focus on hotel management, she moved to the United States to learn the requisite English language. Living with relatives in San Antonio and attending UNAM English classes, she was hired in 1998 as a hostess at Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine where she could enhance her English-language conversation skills. Over the years, her bilingual skills, coupled with restaurant management studies and natural leadership abilities, led to her position as general manager and, ultimately, vice president of Operations at DUO. 

Nelly shares DUO’s commitment to the community, leading efforts to find ways for each restaurant to partner with area schools, non-profit organizations and children’s charities. Personally, Nelly is involved with the San Antonio Food Bank, The Children’s Shelter, her oldest daughter’s school and her church. 

Nelly enjoys the balance of career with  a quality family life in San Antonio. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys trying new restaurants and recipes with her husband, Blair. They are parents to daughters, Bella and Emilia. They relish time together at home, traveling to new places, exercising, and enjoying the outdoors.

As a professional and community volunteer, Brooke Peacock has worked with children’s charities, as well as faith-based, family-focused, medical and educational non-profit organizations. The highlight of her experience focuses on the creative implementation of strategic partnerships and programs that not only result in fulfilled needs but that also further the mission of the organizations involved. For DUO, that means establishing and growing relationships with organizations that support the needs of children, individuals, and families in and around San Antonio so that we may continue our mission of loving on people through what we do.

In addition to her work on the boards of two San Antonio non-profit organizations–The Believe It Foundation and ONE–Brooke is involved in Bible Study Leadership and in her children’s schools. She has served previously on the boards of The Alamo Heights School Foundation and the Achievers Center for Education, as well as volunteering in various positions with her children’s schools.

Brooke is married to Richard Peacock, and together they parent twin boys. In her free time, Brooke can be found hiking or fly fishing in Colorado, reading anything recommended to her, watching football, or spending time with friends and family.

Brooke received a BA in Spanish from Texas Christian University and holds an MALS from the University of Memphis.